If you are concerned that your Magic Ticket might be fake you can verify by taking a quick look at the details of the 'Magic Ticket' in Solscan. To start you will want to select the NFT in your Wallet. (For example on process we'll be using Phantom wallet.) Step 1. Click on the triple dots in the corner. Step 2. Now that you have bought some SOL from the exchange and have created a wallet, it's time to transfer SOL to your wallet. 1. Find your wallet address. 2. Transfer SOL to your wallet from the exchange where you bought SOL. 3. Approve your transaction. It may take up to a few minutes for your deposit to appear in your wallet. You might be curious to know whether Solana's NFT transactions are the best in the market. To your surprise, the gas fees of Solana are as low as $0.00025 for a single transaction. Although Solana is still the best, in terms of the lowest gas fee prices and faster hassle-free transactions. Yet, the cost of NFT gas fees varies every certain. Now we're going to tokenize our ticket into an NFT. This process is often called minting. Call the mint command and supply the file we want to mint, the name of our NFT, and a description: minty mint ~/flight-to-the-moon.txt --name "Moon Flight #1" --description "This ticket serves as proof-of-ownership of a first-class seat on a flight to the. NFT. Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game developed in UNREAL ENGINE and built on the SOLANA NETWORK. Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in an expansive game world. BOG is one on one game where players are in a constant battle to defeat other players to earn more rewards. SolScan; Mint your own tres leches nft. Our Tres Leches NFT is a collection of our unique Tres Leches Cake, our plans is to expand our collection to include a Dessert Rolodex with the most amazing Desert Recipes. People will be able to buy those amazing deserts and recreate them in their homes. We will invite people to mint their own NFT Recipe. From the browser tab (🌐), visit https://metaballix.com and connect to the Metaball Minter to begin minting. Kickstart your Plasmaverse journey by getting a hold of 1 of the 22,000 Metaball NFTs that shall float around in decentralized space between Phases 1 and 5 of the project. To own a Metaball NFT, you may. ZooKeeper is an online platform to view and track your Solana NFT portfolio. To mint an NFT on Solana, you need to be present at the NFT site of your choice at the correct launch time. Login to the mint page a few minutes before the launch time. Keep refreshing the page. Ensure that your phantom wallet is connected and has sufficient SOL, Solana's cryptocurrency. Step 1. Show up on time to the website where the NFT drop is taking place. This will usually be on a secondary NFT market like Magic Eden or Solanart, or on the project’s website. Double-check the launch time in the project’s Discord channel and be sure to convert it to your local time. Step 2. Cool Bunnies are much more than an NFT project. We have plans and hopes to build a Cool Bunny ecosystem composed of interactivity, utility, community, rewards and growth, collaborations with brands, and much much more! The community is very important to us and we want our members to help dictate and determine what features we should be focusing. Most people recommend hiding these NFTs so you won’t see them in OpenSea, and while there has been a lot of debate about this it does seem like hiding is safe since this is making a change on OpenSea, not technically interacting with the NFT itself. Luckily, it looks like OpenSea has been good at taking these scam NFTs out so if you do find. Step 1. Show up on time to the website where the NFT drop is taking place. This will usually be on a secondary NFT market like Magic Eden or Solanart, or on the project's website. Double-check the launch time in the project's Discord channel and be sure to convert it to your local time. Step 2. Some of the fastest growing NFT communities are on the Hedera network. INCREDIBLY SCALABLE. ULTRA-LOW COST. CARBON-NEGATIVE. Win An Exclusive Hedera T-Shirt. Limited Edition | 1 of 1,000. Enter your email for a chance to win a free Hedera t-shirt (shipping and all!) — winners will be emailed a form to share their shipping information and. Solana NFT bot Raw sales-bot.js This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. Learn more about bidirectional Unicode characters. Show hidden characters. Solscan Alternativas & Competitors. Alternatives & competitors to solscan.io en términos de contenido, tráfico y estructura ... The first NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses in NFTs. Creators know what they are selling, collectors know what they are buying. scratch-off nft trustless All prizes are automatically delivered by public transactions traceable on Solscan, secured by the blockchain. We'll start from low supply collections to build community trust and we aim to reach high supply in the near future. 1 . PURCHASE YOUR SCRATCH OFF NFT Mint opens at same time for everybody. Massive scalability up to 9,000+ TPS. Not a centralized sidechain. Secured by Ethereum. A true L2 inheriting security of L1. Any NFT that is created or traded on Immutable X is 100% carbon neutral. "NFTs will have an unprecedented impact on digital economies, and Immutable is paving the road to that future". Launchpad is a Magic Eden product and service that aims to help creators mint their collections without any technical know how. The first fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Solana. Get quick and easy access to digital collectibles and explore, buy and sell NFTs from different collections and artists. The first NFT marketplace that enables. Starbots, a Road Town BVI-based maker of a battle NFT game on Solana, raised $2.4M in funding FinSMEs is the financial news site dedicated to covering venture capital, private equity, and merger. NFT Access Keys. Tools. More. $0 Connect Wallet. Built on Solana Blockchain The First Community Governed IDO Platform. Parasol Finance is the first-ever community governed IDO platform built on Solana with the needs of both projects and investors alike. The first launchpad with a NFT allocation system. #SolscanNewFeatures NFT Collection Direct Link Having trouble finding the NFTs Collections when browsing on #Solscan? Now users can find the NFT collection directly from the single NFT⭐️ Convenient, right? Here's a simple illustration👇. Magic Eden is the leading NFT Marketplace on Solana. Home to the next generation of digital creators. Discover the best and latest Solana NFT collections. InvokersDEFI $INV Staking & Yield Farming. Earn passively by utilizing Invoke Token ($INV) leveraged Pools & Farms of Single-Staking, SOL/USDC Farms and more. To see the official Token address on Solscan, ... The Frenchies NFT have a community wallet funded by different mechanisms : • 50% of Royalties from secondary market • 10% sales of the next collection • Collab with other project who give to the DAO • Revenue from staking on marinade. The first open NFT marketplace on Solana that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint. So i found this project on ME called Trippin Ape Tribe if you look at the stats it does not make sense that one owner has 199 of the NFT;s with no volume traded and i can not see the actions on solscan but i really dunno how to use it. The mint was 3.25 and max mint was 3 - 4 per wallet the FP immediate after lauch was 60 SOL and it has stayed higher since. Step 2: Lookup the Candy Machine Configuration. Now that we have the Candy Machine's address, we can lookup the configuration data and verify that the machine is legitimate. The first step to. A Multi-Chain Ambition. Magic Eden – an NFT marketplace that has accounted for over 90% of the NFT volume on Solana – announced that it had raised an additional $130 million, with its valuation reaching $1.6 billion. This is roughly a tenfold increase from its valuation three months ago, according to a source acquired by Bloomberg. If an NFT doesn't show up properly in Phantom, then there is a good chance it isn't following the Solana NFT standard. It may be missing the metadata required to be displayed properly. You will need to contact the NFT project that minted your NFT and let them know. Please see our developer docs for displaying NFTs in Phantom. 13 out of 72 found. . CheckMyNFT is an MVP and as such, we presently look at a limited set of data to assess the strength of the NFT's metadata. Some tokens use non-standard fields outside of the token URI field and in such a case, the metadata may not be linked to the fields we assess. Ratings may be inaccurate if the NFT contract utilizes a non-standard storage. 5. Mintable. Mintable is a gasless NFT marketplace where you can mint your memes, audio, or video files into NFTs. The platform is built on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains, and you need a MetaMask wallet to sign up on the platform. Every time you buy an NFT, Mintable rewards you with a MINT token. Now that you have bought some SOL from the exchange and have created a wallet, it's time to transfer SOL to your wallet. 1. Find your wallet address. 2. Transfer SOL to your wallet from the exchange where you bought SOL. 3. Approve your transaction. It may take up to a few minutes for your deposit to appear in your wallet. 😳 Solana is BOOMING with NFT collections and artwork, why not capatalize on the cheapest fees for NFT minting, buying, and selling? Today we talk about SolS. It indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options. Sold out in 42 seconds: An NFT creator made $234,000 after launching a collection to fund his dream. He. Find out rarity of your Solana NFT, view market stats and analytics - HowRare.is. HowRare . Solana; Near; upcoming drops. Find out how rare your Solana NFTs are. 844 collections 3.06M items 809.82K volume ALL COLLECTIONS # collection floor price items holders on sale % on sale floor mc (usd) 1: DeGods: 313.00 SOL: 10000: 4339: 116: 1.16:. Lil DAOs is a collectible NFT project centered around community educating underprivileged communities & children about DAOs, NFTs & DeFi. Total Minted: 228 Holders Inventory. SolScan (Explorer) Price. Price Chart. Liquidity Pool. About. General Information. Introduction on Medium. Wallet. Current Page: NFT Buy Space Vizsla (SVIZ) Open Menu Close Menu. ... Current Page: NFT Buy Space Vizsla (SVIZ) Expect Space Vizsla NFTs to launch in spring 2022! Follow us in discord and on Twitter for the latest information. Official Solana NFT. Congratulations! You are one of the 100,000 Solana users who recently received this NFT token from the creator of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko. You need to exchange this token for NFT at solscan.space! Only 1000 NFTs are available! Symbol: NFT Website: www.solscan.space. 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